Equip Request

Thank you for your interest in obtaining equipment or support from The BMF Project. Due to the increased amount of request for equipment and support, we have to change the process in how we receive and evaluate each and every request. While we truly want to help every single department or organization that seeks help from The BMF Project, we have to strategically evaluate each and every request based on a case by case basis.  We wish that we could fulfill every request, but due to our funding we are in the position of having to pick and choose where we feel the money will be best spent. Based on the fact that we have to choose where we allocate our funding we have developed the following request form to help in our decisions.  Once the form has been completed, a member of The BMF Project will contact to let you know of the status of your request. If we are not able to immediately fulfill the request, we will discuss additional opportunities on how we can help your department or organization. We encourage all departments or organizations, regardless of size, to let us know of your needs, as we will try to help as many departments or organizations as funding comes available.  We appreciate each and every department and organization and the people who are willing to go and help bring our loved ones home and we want to help you all to continue to be safe and successful in doing so.


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